How to feel energized

Shifting from a state of fatigue to vitality gives us the boost we need to do what needs to be done.

Superpowers used: movement, sleep, nourishment

Other tools may be used as well. View all tools to shift states here.

How to Shift from Fatigue to Energized

Fatigue comes in a variety of different forms from a variety of different reasons.

Sometimes we're tired because we've exhausted ourselves and need a nap.

Other times, we're tired because we haven't done enough. Or ate the wrong food. Or didn't sleep well the night before.

Or there are unseen stressors that have tugging at us weighing us down. Or you've been hanging around too many energy vampires extracting the little energy you had left.

Maybe it's not any of those. Maybe you're well rested, eating the right food, surrounding yourself with the right people, and yet you still feel tired.

Perhaps that's because we live in an overstimulating world we're not equipped for and it feels like too much.

Whatever the reason, it's normal to feel fatigued in the modern world. Here's what you can do to shift out of it.

Power of Movement

Superpower Description:

Humans move far less today than any other time in history. Before the Agricultural Revolution, humans took an estimated 50,000 steps per day. Once we began farming and settled, that number dropped to approximately 20,000. Today, the average American takes 5,000 steps.

Movement is one of our most primal necessities and its neglection affects us. On the positive side, it's also something we can do to shift us out of the state we're in.

In fact, exercise may be the single best way to change how we're feeling.

Use Movement to Shift from Fatigue

Fatigue can be debilitating.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, movement can be one of the best way to eradicate it.

Especially when you combine it with other elements like nature, mindfulness, endurance, or skill.

If you're already exhausted from physical effort, you may want to try sleep or nourishment instead (below).

Go for an outdoor stroll.

Take a dog for a run.

Climb a mountain.

Even if you can't take advantage of nature or it's miserable out, you can combine movement with mindfulness.

Try martial arts.

Take a yoga class.

Enjoy a guided walking meditation.

Not really in the mood for mindfulness?

How about you test your resolve.

Give cross-fit a try.

Take a fitness bootcamp class.

Push yourself to the limit at the gym.

Don't want to go hard?

That's fine, go technical.

Whether it's doing something you're skilled at, or learning a new skill, the movement will shift your state.

Try slacklining.

Go rock climbing.

Ski, snowboard, surf, skate, rollerblade.

Play Ping-Pong, shoot hoops, play golf.

In other words, MOVE your body.

Fatigue can't remain in a body that is fully engaged until you physically exhaust it -- and unless you're exhausted from physical movement, it may be the antidote you need.

Work. It. Out.

Power of Sleep

Superpower Description:

We've always known sleep is important but now we're really starting to understand it's pertinent for optimal health.

In addition, we now realize even how much we've slept can determine our perspective about life, ourselves, and impacts our happiness levels.

We can also use sleep as a tool for optimal performance and a way to shift states.

Use Sleep to Shift from Fatigue

Power of Nourishment

Superpower Description:

Beyond the obvious fact you literally are what you eat, research has shown there are neurons in the gut.

It's even been called our second brain. How we nourish our brain(s) and bodies directly affects the quality of our experiences.

By nourishing your body with what it needs, you shift into a better state of being.

Use Nourishment to Shift from Fatigue

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