by Miles Rote

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You are not your thoughts, you are not your body. And you're not the consciousness that animates them.

You are more than all of those things. And yet, most of your reality is decided by invisible forces -- many of which seek to manipulate you.

The good news is, you don't have to accept whatever mental state you happen to be feeling. Instead, you can direct it. Nudge it. Even design it.

Shifting states is about knowing you're experiencing one state, and then choosing to shift to another. For example, that could mean shifting from fatigue to energy. Or loneliness to connection.

"But isn't it good to feel sad or lonely?"

Absolutely. There are valuable lessons to be learned in every state of the human experience. But we too often bury ourselves in negative states – far more than positive ones.

Lessons can be learned and we can move on. We don't need to marinate in suffering, or a state that is holding us back from our higher selves.

We #shiftstates to take control of our lives, so that we may enrich our experience, and better the ourselves and those around us.

When we're able to have mastery over the self – and direct energy where we authentically desire – we provide a great contribution to the world.

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